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Foreign Investment Booms in Myanmar Telecoms

Overseas companies spent big on building mobile phone infrastructure in Myanmar over the past year. [Ref:] »

How the Tech Boom is Transforming Myanmar

Just look at the rapid growth in the number of cellphone users in the country, and you will have an idea of the IT revolution that »

Myanmar Is Next Vietnam With 10% Growth

Myanmar could be the next Vietnam or Thailand, with the economy having the potential to grow as much as 10%. [Ref: »

Share Punt of the Week: MySQUAR

The Who, What and Why for investing in MySQUAR. Read the PDF here. [Ref:] »

SEA Market Update: Malaysia Falls, Myanmar Booms

Myanmar was again the fasting growing market in Southeast Asia, expanding 35 per cent year-on-year in 2016. Read the PDF here. [Ref: »