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Stephen Chong, COO of MySQUAR #MYSQ - 150518 (PODCAST)

Stephen Chong, COO at MySQUAR, discusses the launch of the mobile payments platform. [Ref:] »

Proactive Investors - Mobile Money Platform (VIDEO)

CEO Eric Schaer and COO Stephen Chong discuss with Proactive's Andrew Scott the upcoming launch of their mobile money platform. [Ref: »

MySQUAR is Capitalising on Myanmar’s Smartphone Boom

Read about what MySQUAR is doing in Myanmar in the February 2018 AIM Journal. Read the PDF here. [Ref: »

Myanmar's Telco Revolution Opens New Chapter

Content key as country's focus turns to unlocking services. The first phase was infrastructure. The second phase now taking off is a race to create online »

Fierce Competition and Well-Kept Secrets as Chinese Smartphone Firms Target Myanmar Market

There’s intense competition among top-selling Chinese handset makers for a bigger slice of the Myanmar market. Read the PDF here. [Ref: »