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Shareholder Question: Online Gambling in Myanmar

Dear Shareholder, on 5.6.18 you wrote: Q: Will the Lucky Wingabar casual gaming platform be affected by the recent warning from the Myanmar government »

Shareholder Question: Situation in Myanmar

Dear Shareholder, on 6.9.17 you wrote: Q: I believe there are very exciting times ahead, but my reason for writing to you today is »

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Shareholder Question: Company Debt

Dear Shareholder, on 28.7.17 you wrote: Q: How much outstanding borrowings does MySQUAR have? As of today, 28 July 2017 the borrowings of the »

Shareholder Question: Source of Revenue

Dear Shareholder, on 13.7.17 you wrote: Q: Is the majority of your revenue from MySQUAR operations or from sister companies? There are requirements under »

Shareholder Question: Blackjack Launch

Dear Shareholder, on 6.6.17 you wrote: Q: Are you able to confirm if the new blackjack product in Lucky Wingabar has now been launched? »